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Spiraling back—way, way, back—to the "Archaic Revival"

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Thematic Images for the Archaic Mother Goddess & the Archaic Horned Gods

Venus of Laussel (Femme à la Corne, Laussel, Dordogne 27000-22000 BCE).jpg

Femme à la Corne (Laussel, Dordogne 27000-22000 BCE)

Venus of Willendorf, Austria 24000-22000 BCE.jpg

Venus of Willendorf (Austria 24000-22000 BCE)

Paleolithic Sorcerer of Trois Frères.jpg

Paleolithic "Sorcerer of Trois Frères"

(Lascaux cave, France)

horned god Pasupati (Indus Valley c. 3000 BCE).jpg

horned god Pasupati (Indus Valley)

horned god Cernunnos (Pilier des nautes, France 1st c. BCE).jpg

horned god Cernunnos

(Pilier des nautes, France)

Celtic Gold Phalera with Cernunnos (1st c.  BCE).jpg
antlered-god Cernnunos (Gundestrup Cauldron).jpg
The Horned One (Denmark 5th c. ).jpg

Celtic horned god Gold Phalera

Antlered god Cernnunos (Celtic Gundestrup Cauldron)

"The Horned One" (Denmark)

Thematic Images for Archaic Petroglyphs (Cave or Rock Art)

archaic revival.jpg

The subject of many of these prehistoric rock art compositions is somewhat very advanced, and strongly expresses a kind of mythology present at the time (about 12,000 BC). Strange creatures with no heads, others with round heads and wearing alien-like masks, some with one eye, an antelope with an elephant's body, and tall and skinny figures, involved in some kind of offerings and rituals. 

prehistoric rock art 2.jpg
The Sorcerer (Les Trois Freres, Lascaux cave ca. 13,000 BCE).jpg

The Sorcerer (Les Trois Freres,

Lascaux cave ca. 13,000 BCE)

Horned Goddess (Saharan ca. 4000-1570 BCE).jpg

Horned Goddess (Saharan ca. 4000-1570 BCE)