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May Day Carnivalesque (Sophae).jpg
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Carnival (Galchutt).jpg

Carnival & Carnivalesque Artworks

Carnivalesque Scene (Ensor).jpg
Carnival (Zaika).jpg
Carnivalesque (Lacher).jpg


Carnivalesque Scene 




Dream Of A Carnival.jpg


Dream of a Carnival

Carnival at the Edge of Time (Sharp).jpg


Carnival at the Edge of Time


Carnival Fantasy (Garcia).jpg


Carnival Fantasy 


Thematic Images for Ancient Precursors to the Carnivalesque Carnival

IO Saturnalia.jpg
Bacchanalia (Balen and Brueghel 1620).jpg

Bacchanalia (1620)

Bacchanalia (Vasilevich).jpg

Bacchanalia (1992)

Thematic Images for Early Carnival & Carnivalesque 

(13th - 18th Centuries)

Carnival Colorplate (Picayune Newspaper March 1, 1892).jpg
Nuremberg Shrovetide Carnival with carrus navalis (15th c.).png