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Celtic Wheel of the Year

The cross-quarter, fire festival of Imbolc, on the Celtic "Wheel of the Year,"  is traditionally celebrated beginning on the eve of February 1 (Feb. 2 in some locales) or celebrated according to the precisely timed astronomical and astrological date exactly between the Winter Solstice and the Vernal Equinox (the mid-point of winter; this year occurring on February 4). Imbolc is dedicated to the goddess Brigid or St. Bridget of Ireland. 

The Irish name for February is Feabhra and the Anglo-Saxon name for this month was Solmonath (literally, “sun month”), noting the gradual return of the light after the darkness of midwinter. 

February (Februarius) & Februa

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"Lady February"

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February is named after “Februa,” the Roman festival of purification, held on February 15. The print depicts Februa as a goddess in a shell, pouring water from a small jug. She is pulled along by two fish, which represent Pisces—the astrological sign which falls at the end of the month.


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"Juno Februa"

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"Juno Februa"

For detailed information about the origin of February and Juno Februa, click on PDF icon

Lupercalia & Februa

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For detailed information about Lupercalia and Juno Februa, click on PDF icon

Thematic Images for Imbolc

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Imbolc altars (Wiccan)

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"Imbolc Dreams"

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Thematic Images for Imbolc Blessings

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Thematic Images for the Goddess of Imbolc, Brigit (Brigid, Brighid).

   Goddess of Poetry, Healing, and Smithcraft

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