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The Gypsy Scholar is proud to dedicate this page of the Tower of Song in honor of its Orphic Troubadour, Leonard Cohen

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"I'm Your Man" in the Tower of Song


Leonard Cohen is one of the Gypsy Scholar's
"singing-masters of my soul."


his Tower of Song is the

"singing school ...

studying Monuments of its own magnificence."



"Nor is there singing school but studying
Monuments of its own magnificence ....
O sages standing in God's holy fire
As in the gold mosaic of a wall,
Come from the holy fire, perne in a gyre,
And be the singing-masters of my soul."

~W.B. Yeats, 'Sailing to Byzantium'

(As a young poet, LC was deeply influenced by

Yeats, whom he has called "the master".) 

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Meme by B.F. Gypsy Scholar


In Memoriam


Leonard Cohen

September 21, 1934 - November 7, 2016

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Order Unified Heart.png

Now I bid you farewell, I don't know when I'll be back
They're moving us tomorrow to that tower down the track
But you'll be hearing from me baby, long after I'm gone

I'll be speaking to you sweetly from a window in the Tower of Song.

Order Unified Heart 2.jpg

This is a music video of the Leonard Cohen song "Traveling Light," from his last album, You Want It Darker. The video contains never before seen clips of Leonard at his LA home during his final days.

Leonard Cohen's last birthday in 2016 celebrated by the Gypsy Scholar


Happy 82nd Virgo Birthday Leonard Cohen!

from one Virgo (September 22) to another,


Congratulations on the upcoming release of your new album (10/21/16)

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click on image of Leonard Cohen's horoscope to access interactive natal chart

LC You Want It Darker album.jpg
LC Thanks for the dance photo.jpg

This is a music video of the story about making Leonard Cohen's  

posthumous album put together by Adam Cohen entitled

Thanks for the Dance, which was released on October 22, 2019.

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Leonard Cohen afterwold Cobain meme.jpg

Meme by B.F. Gypsy Scholar

LC Lou Reed meme.png

Meme by B.F. Gypsy Scholar

LC insomniac meme (Night, Munch 1890).png

Painting by Edvard Munch, "Night" (1890).

Meme by B.F. Gypsy Scholar

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Leonard Cohen:

The "Romantic Outsider" as Poet-Musician

LC young.jpg
LC mid-age.jpg

The Gypsy Scholar locates Leonard Cohen in the poetic tradition of the

19th-century Romantic Movement. 

LC senior.jpg

The GS's early intuition of the Romantic poets as Leonard Cohen's poetic influences has been substantiated by both LC himself (as to his influences as a young poet: "I studied the English poets and I knew their work well, and I copied their styles...." [2011] ) and by his critics and biographers.  However, LC's is a special type of Romanticism. He has been identified with the late 19th-century poetic school of "Black Romanticism" (associated with Baudelaire): "Yet it is precisely this tradition, that of the contemporary Black Romantics [Genet, Burroughs, Grass] as we might call them, that Leonard Cohen appears to belong" (Sandra Djwa, 1976). LC himself has stated that as an aspiring young Montreal poet he took his inspiration from, and identified with, the Romantic poets, like Blake, Byron, Shelley, Keats and W. B. Yeats. ("... a young man who was growing up and discovering Byron and Blake." "It was also a place where a young poet could try to connect with the ghosts of Byron and Shelley and Blake." "Leonard Cohen was reborn as John Keats." [Leibovitz, 2014]. Bono, a great admirer, has this to say about Leonard: “Here was a man, who inside of a pop-song ... you know, puts big ideas, big dreams.  It reminded me of Keats or Shelley or, you know, they were poets I was reading as a kid.  I said this is our ... Shelley, this is our ... Byron.") Leonard has called W. B. Yeats "the great master." In his poem 'Time Out,' Cohen takes a line from Yeats' poem 'The Lake Isle of Innisfree': "I shall arise and go now." Cohen hears the Romantic call and longs to "arise and go now," and for a time he is set apart in order to grow. (LC also referred to Yeats in 1997: "Yeats's father said poetry is the social act of a solitary man ....") Thus, the GS sees Leonard Cohen as part of that esteemed "Visionary Company" (Harold Bloom) of the early 18th- and late 19th-century Romantic poet-prophets, those "ringers in the tower" (Yeats)--the "Tower of Song." (Regarding Bono's insight into LC that "inside of a pop-song ... you know, puts big ideas, big dreams" and identifying him with Romantic poets: the GS, as a young college student of English Lit and specializing in the Romantics--who sometimes called their poems "Songs"-- his desire to have Romantic poems set to music and his fantasy of a Romantic poet as a musician--because of his non-academic preoccupation with Sixties folk-rock music--was fully realized when he first heard the songs of one-time poet, Leonard Cohen. Indeed, these "big ideas" of high literary/philosophical culture "inside of a pop song" of low culture was a dream come true--and, looking back, probably the inspiration for later in life becoming the "Gypsy Scholar" on radio, who sought to mix high, academic culture with low, popular culture.)

My time is running out
and still I have not
sung the true song
the great song.

And Shelley had his towers, thought's crowned powers
he called them once
I declare this tower my symbol; I declare
This winding, gyring, spiring treadmill of a stair is my
ancestral stair....

—W.B. Yeats, 'The Winding Stair and Other Poems'

I shall find the dark grow luminous,
the void fruitful when I understand
I have nothing, that the ringers in the tower
have appointed for the hymen of the soul
a passing bell.

—W.B. Yeats, 'Per Arnica Silentia Lunae'

Leonard Cohen's secret society of the Romantic "Visionary Company" (those poet-prophet "ringers in the tower") of the Tower of Song:


"The Order of the Unified Heart"

LC order of unified hearts.png

Leonard Cohen Biographical Memes 

by B.F. Gypsy Scholar

LC outlaw meme.png
LC Yeats-Lorca great heroes meme.png
LC Virgo disease meme.png
LC From chaos to art meme.png
LC I am such a one meme.png
LC deeper love you need meme.png
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Leonard Cohen Philosophical Memes

by B.F. Gypsy Scholar

LC on lamentation (London 1974).png
LC lament with dignity and beauty meme.png
LC masterpiece meme (2009).jpg
LC not running show meme.png
LC hardened hearts meme.png
LC hearts open meme.png
LC religious in a sense meme.png
LC ageing loneliness and deeper love meme.png
LC where love comes from meme.png
LC Hallelujah moment meme.png

"As rational metaphysics teaches that man becomes all things by understanding them (HOMO INTELLIGENDO FIT OMNIA), this imaginative metaphysics [Giambattista Vico's New Science] shows that man becomes all things by not understanding them (HOMO NON INTELLIGENDO FIT OMNIA)." ~ Prof. N.O. Brown, Closing Time (1973)

WB Yeats Vacillation poem meme.png

Leonard Cohen's song "Hallelujah" was released in 1984, when he was 50 years old.

L. C. has acknowledged that Yeats is one of his primary poetic mentors--"the master."

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Leonard Cohen Memes on Poetry & Music

by B.F. Gypsy Scholar

LC Lorca and poetry meme.png
LC orphic-poet meme.jpg
LC poetry verdict meme.png
LC poetry evidence of life meme.png
LC poetry and song meme.png
LC singing poet (troubadour) meme.png
LC gigolo-troubadour meme.png
LC sanctuary music.jpg

That "sanctuary" is metaphorically the "Tower of Song" 

LC European white blues meme.png
LC I am my songs meme.png
LC people part of my music meme.png
LC family around work meme.png
LC dignifying the song meme.png
LC songs measured by utility meme.png
LC songs of ravished and found meme.png
LC Zorba the Greek meme.png
LC indestructible love meme.png
LC songwriting meme.png
LC mystery of song meme.png
LC music meme 1.jpg
LC music meme 2.jpg
LC tailored to audience songs meme.png
LC concert experience meme.png
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Leonard Cohen Memes on Sexuality

by B.F. Gypsy Scholar

LC God and sex meme.png
LC naked woman meme.png
LC sexuality is general meme.png
LC love heaven-hell meme.png

This is Leonard Cohen's version of one of Blake's arguments in The Marriage of Heaven and Hell

LC spiritual and profane meme.jpg

Shambhala Sun interview, 1998. This is what the GS has been asserting all along about what kind of philosophy is behind some of  LC's love songs: "... there is no difference between the spiritual and the profane. But it's reached through the profane rather than the spiritual ...." Now, here's the confirmation from LC himself !

LC sex beyond self meme.png
LC divine eroticism meme 1.png
LC divine eroticism meme 2.png

These two memes depict prime examples of Leonard Cohen blending sexuality with G-d, or eroticism with spirituality, which equals what can be called "sacred sexuality."

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Leonard Cohen Memes from the Book of Mercy

by B.F. Gypsy Scholar

LC song in house of night meme.png
LC boldness of joy meme.png
music staff notes.png
LC sit-still-for-dancer's-song meme.png
music staff notes.png
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Other Leonard Cohen Memes

Leonard Cohen History meme.jpg
LC kid-crazy-dream meme.jpg
LC on seriousness (1995).jpg
LC on crack in everything.jpg
LC Rebecca-Anthem meme.jpg
LC beautiful words meme.jpg
LC Suzanne meme.jpg
LC Book of Longing.jpg

Leonard Cohen's poetry book: Book of Longing (2006)

LC perfectly imperfect Anthem meme.png
barline blue-flare 1.png

Leonard Cohen Song-lyric Memes

by B.F. Gypsy Scholar

LC Suzanne meme.png
LC One Of Us Cannot Be wrong meme 2.png
LC Bird on the Wire meme.png
LC Lady Midnight meme.png
LC Joan of Arc meme.png
LC Last Year's Man meme 1.png
LC Last Year's Man meme 2.png
LC Love Calls You By Your Name meme.png
LC I Tried to Leave You meme.png
LC True Love Leaves No Traces meme.png
LC Paper-Thin Hotel meme.png
LC Got a Little Secret meme.png

"It's written on the walls of this hotel

You go to heaven once you've been to hell."

"I made a date in Heaven, Oh Lord

But I've been keepin' it in Hell."

~ Leonard Cohen


"Those who restrain desire, do so because theirs is weak enough to be restrained;

and the restrainer or reason usurps its place & governs the unwilling.
And being restrain'd it by degrees becomes passive till it is only the shadow of desire.
The history of this is written in Paradise Lost. & the Governor or Reason is call'd Messiah….
But in the Book of Job Miltons Messiah is call'd Satan…
It indeed appear'd to Reason as if Desire was cast out, but the Devil's account is, that the Messiah fell, & formed a heaven of what he stole from the Abyss."

"I was walking among the fires of Hell, delighted with the enjoyments of Genius; which to Angels look like torment and insanity."

                                                ~ William Blake, “The Marriage of Heaven and Hell

"So, so you think you can tell / Heaven from Hell? / Blue skies from pain? / Can you tell a green field / From a cold steel rail? / A smile from a veil? Do you think you can tell?"

                   ~ Pink Floyd, "Wish You Were Here"

"Winter's people watching / As I sail from season's four / To join some crazy ladies / In a game upon the shore / None of them with broken wings / But still refuse to fly / So with sweetness on my lips / I smile a last goodbye. / And now I spend my life / On the velvet side of hell / Aimlessly here searching / For what I cannot tell."

                   ~ Steve Miller Band, "Your Saving Grace"

LC Memories meme.png
LC I Left A Woman Waiting meme.png
LC Our Lady of Solitude meme.png
LC The Gypsy's Wife meme.png
LC Dance Me meme.png
LC Coming Back To You meme.jpg
LC The Law meme.png
LC The Night Comes On meme.png
LC Hallelujah meme 3.png
LC Hallelujah meme 2.png
LC Hallelujah meme.png
 LC Love Among Ruins Hallelujah meme.jpg
LC The Captain meme.png
LC Heart With No Companion meme.png
LC Ain't No Cure For LOve meme.png
LC Ain't No Cure For Love meme 2.png
LC There Ain't No Cure For Love meme 2.png

These lyrics are an early version of the opening lines of "Ain’t No Cure For Love." They reflect LC's criticism of Band Aid benefit concert in 1985.

LC Tower of Song meme.png
LC The Future meme.png










LC Waiting for the Miracle meme.png
LC Waiting For The Miracle meme.png
LC Be For Real meme.png
LC Be For Real meme 2.png
LC Closing Time meme.png

“In the jungle of cities, the new barbarism. It is later than you think.... The sense of ending: Western Civilization is over…. On the verge of closing time…. In the meantime, waiting waiting…. In the meantime, an interim in the time of the Not yet…. In the interim, an interlude … an interlude of farce…. An interval of timeless formlessness, an interregnum.... Interregnum, or Saturnalia, satire for the Saturnalia.... Farce makes farce out of tragedy..... Waiting for Lefty, Waiting for Godot, waiting to stop the show, the farce … waiting to bring the house down…. Waiting for a new dawn. Calling all downs. ‘It is imperative that we sink.’ (W.C. Williams). Farce ... the swan song of dying civilizations.... Beyond tragedy and farce is the fusion of these opposites.”

      ~ Prof. N.O. Brown, Closing Time (1973)

LC Closing Time Cyril Connoly meme.png
LC Anthem meme 5.png
LC Anthem meme.jpg
LC Anthem meme 3.png
LC anthem meme 4.png
RD Laing cracked mind meme.png

“And worse, there is a crack in everything that you can put together, physical objects, mental objects, constructions of any kind. But that’s where the light gets in, and that’s where the resurrection is and that’s where the return, that’s where the repentance is. It is with the confrontation, with the brokenness of things.” ~ Leonard Cohen (The High Priest of Brokenness)

LC Anthem refugee meme.png
LC cracked heart meme.jpg
LC Democracy meme.jpg
LC Light as the Breeze meme.png
LC In My Secret Life meme.png
LC A Thousand Kisses Deep meme.png
LC That Don't Make It Junk meme.png
LC Alexandra Leaving meme.png
LC You Have Loved enough meme.png
LC Villanelle For Our Time meme.png
LC Tennesee Waltz meme.png
LC Amen meme.png
LC darkness meme.png
LC Come Healing meme.png
LC Different Sides meme.png
LC A Street meme 2.png
LC A Street meme 1.png
LC Born In Chains meme 1.jpg
LC Born In Chains meme 2.jpg

The ancient tradition that the world will be consumed in fire at the end of six thousand years is true. as I have heard from Hell…

… the whole creation will be consumed, and appear infinite. and holy whereas

it now appears finite & corrupt.

This will come to pass by an improvement of sensual enjoyment.


       ~ William Blake, “The Marriage of Heaven and Hell”

LC Born In Chains meme 3.png
LC You Got Me Singing meme.png
LC On the Level meme.png
LC Leaving The Table meme.png
LC If I Didn't Have Your Love meme.png
LC Steer Your Way meme.png
LC Traveling Light meme.png
LC Happens to the Heart meme.png
LC Happens To The Heart meme.png
LC Night In Santiago meme.png
LC It's Torn meme.png
LC Listen to the Hummingbird.png
LC No One After You meme.png

“No One After You” is a song by Leonard Cohen & Anjani, released on her Blue Alert album in 2006

LC It Just Feels meme.png

A 1992 Song “About An Orgasm”

by Leonard Cohen & Dave Stewart

barline blue-flare 1.png

Leonard Cohen "Broken" & "Crack in Everything" Memes

by B.F. Gypsy Scholar

Yeats-Cohen rent-crack meme.jpg
breaking your heart meme -Rumi.jpg
LC crack-in-everything meme.png
LC cracks-that-let-light-in meme.png
LC Anthem verse 1.jpg
LC concert tour carck in everything.png
crack in everything Emerson meme.png
LC Benjamin crack in catastrophe meme.jpg
silver-blue linebar.jpg

Leonard Cohen Song Artworks

Leonard Cohen's Art Prints