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The Meaning of RE-VISION RADIO


Re-VisionRadio is the concept behind the Tower of Song program, and it carries a has a double meaning; a metaphorical and a literal meaning:

(1) Re-VisionRadio means to re-vision or see radio again in a different way; to look at radio from a fresh perspective; to re-conceive and reinvent radio in a new way. 
(2) Re-VisionRadio means vision; radio not just an aural but a visual medium, using images on a website as a compliment to what is being heard, which makes for an audio visual experience.   

This means that the Tower of Song radio program does not only consist of the audio broadcast but also its visual cyberspace website. In other words, what makes it different from other “music” programs that have a website component is that it's website is not just used to display playlists or to store archived programs but, more importantly, also used to display thematic images that augment the broadcast of the Orphic Essay-with-Soundtrack. Thus, the cyberspace website is synergistic with the audio presentation. (Synergy: “the interaction or cooperation of two or more organizations, substances, or other agents to produce a combined effect greater than the sum of their separate effects.”) This in effect, then, means that the Tower of Song's audio broadcast and its visual component are integral parts of a total radio experience, one in which listeners can literally see what I mean” and are thus susceptible to a synaesthetic experience.


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RR Manifesto Visionary Recital




“Our High Romantic Argument”

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RE-VISION RADIO’s TOWER OF SONG is a Musical & Philosophical-Literary program broadcast from an imaginal window on your radio dial, 90.7-fm, from the TOWER OF SONG. It’s hosted by the Gypsy Scholar & Bohemian Essayist, with a flower in one hand (or name) and a sword in the other. TOWER OF SONG is a “Soul-making” program because it’s essentially an “underworld perspective”—a seeing below surface appearances to the occult or symbolic truth of things. Thus, Everybody Knows, TOWER OF SONG is truly Underground Radio.


The RE-VISION RADIO’s TOWER OF SONG program—“not for everyone, but for madmen only”—is underwritten by its ancestral tutelary deities: Hermes-Mercury—Trickster-god of those radio communications and connecting synchronicities—and Our Dark Lady of the Romantic Tower of Song—Goddess-Muse of Eternal Wisdom & Wit and ancient lonely-tower libraries. TOWER OF SONG program is co-hosted by the Angel of Imagination & Music, along with its “twenty-seven angels from the great beyond” in hyperspace, where Ushahina, angel of the hours between midnight and dawn, gets you on her wavelength.


The purpose of the RE-VISION RADIO’s TOWER OF SONG program is to help guide its listeners—“in the middle of the night”—in searching for, by following the song (the “song-lines” of the planet), and entering into that long-abandoned Romantic “Lonely Tower,” situated in that alternative mental dimension—the “Invisible Landscape.” “Oh let my Lamp at midnight hour / Be seen in some high Lonely Towr, / Where I may oft out-watch the Bear, / With thrice great Hermes.” (Milton) Because TOWER OF SONG is broadcast in the midnight hour from this ancient tower of the (Romantic) “Visionary Company,” where “the poetic champions compose” (those Romantic “ringers in the tower”), you can hear “those funny voices” sing out: “You can call my love Sophia, / I call my love Philosophy.” (Van Morrison) And, since the beginning of real Philosophy is the “sense of wonder,” everybody knows that the “sense of wonder” with radio is all in the mind’s eye—radio as Theater of the Imagination—, making RE-VISION RADIO the alternative radio concept that lets you see what it means. And what it means, by way of the Romantic “Arts & Sciences of Imagination,” is that Golgonoozan “artifice of eternity”— The TOWER OF SONG


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